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Delivering innovative, top-tier treatment options for post-operative rehabilitation enabling patients to heal faster and safer.

Our Products

Vanguard Medical is simplifying the rehabilitation process by providing hassle-free access to cutting-edge modalities and personalized customer service. From DVT prevention to range of motion orthosis and everything in between, we’re here for you.

Cold Therapy

NICE1 uses programmable pneumatic compression to deliver precise iceless cold compression therapy.


Prevent the onset of DVT with an easy to use sequential compression system.


The only NMES device designed for ease of use by eliminating the use of wires or standalone electrodes.


Access multiple types of bracing for hip, shoulder, and more through Vanguard.

Why Choose Vanguard?

Heal faster
Safety is our top priority, which is why we provide industry-leading recovery approaches for post-operative and non-operative pain.
Vanguard provides access to innovative technologies that reduce the need for pain medication and help patients recover faster.

Our dedicated team ensures that patients receive full education and support throughout their entire recovery journey.

Our proven therapies and top-quality customer service has made the difference to thousands of patients nationwide.

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