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It All Started in 2018

Vanguard Medical’s journey began with a straightforward yet powerful mission:
To ensure that everyone can access the highest quality postoperative recovery equipment. We believe that recovery should be a smooth and efficient process, enabling patients to return to their daily lives with confidence and ease. By offering cutting-edge equipment and personalized support, we strive to empower patients to navigate their recovery journey with greater comfort and security.
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We are committed to improving the overall postoperative experience by providing patients with 1-on-1 and virtual device guidance throughout their healing, fostering trust and reassurance every step of the way.

As the largest iceless cold compression therapy unit distributor in the country, we want to see patients find pain relief and accelerate their healing in the safest way possible.

That’s why we are proud to offer the NICE1 Cold Compression Therapy device. 

By providing patients with the latest innovations in injury and surgery recovery and rehabilitation, we are committed to providing non-opioid methods of healing.

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