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At Vanguard, we’re here to help our patients heal faster and safer by offering leading recovery devices that serve as alternatives to opioids and reduce readmission rates. We aim to enhance patient outcomes and make healthcare easier for everyone by tailoring our personalized care interactions to each individual’s needs.

Fight the Opioid Epidemic

With Alternative Recovery Options
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Vanguard Medical helps physicians give their patients the support they need by lessening the need for opioids during the recovery process.

With NICE iceless cold compression therapy, patients can heal faster, not just manage their pain. That means less need for opioid pain relievers and less of an opportunity for prescription opioid misuse.

Patients who receive dynamic cryo-compression therapy experience improved VAS scores and required less analgesic medication.

In a 2018 case study, the DC (Designated Cohort) group used fewer analgesics compared to the control group. Specifically, for paracetamol, tenoxicam, and tramadol, the DC group’s usage was significantly lower than the control group’s.
(p<0.005 for paracetamol and tenoxicam, p<0.0001 for tramadol)

Compression cryo-therapy can result in patients being discharged after operations faster.

According to a 2019 article from the Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery, 20/20 patients who received compression cryotherapy were released on day 1 post surgery compared to 17/20 who received cryotherapy alone.
(P = 0.23)

Patients can experience a higher range of motion post-op.

According to a recent study, patients who received cryotherapy combined with dynamic intermittent compression (CDIC) after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery had a higher range of motion the day after their surgery when compared to those who received static permanent compression.




Just because your patients are home and ready to start recuperating, doesn’t mean they’re prepared to heal on their own. That’s why Vanguard Medical collaborates directly with patients on their road to recovery, allowing you to focus on assisting other patients and saving you time.




Vanguard Medical supports patients every step of the way, ensuring they have the support needed to heal faster and safer with expert guidance outside of your office.

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At Vanguard Medical, our priority is getting members back on their feet faster. That’s why we offer in-person and virtual fittings, along with industry-leading medical device education, to ensure our patients receive the best care throughout their healing journey.

We’re dedicated to standardizing pricing and ensuring smoother claims processing to enhance efficiency for all involved.

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Cold-Compression Therapy Matters

Why Cold Compression
Therapy Matters

Cold compression therapy is a responsible alternative to opioids, helping members find relief without the potential adverse effects.

The NICE1 System

Members receive an iceless, user-friendly way to heal with faster recovery times and Vanguard’s in-person and virtual support.
Members Recover Faster

In a recent study, 100% of patients were discharged on postoperative day one in the compression cryotherapy (CC) group, compared to 85% of the control group (P = 0.23). Patients treated with CC after hip arthroscopy reported lower levels of pain during the early post-operative phase and were able to be discharged home sooner compared with a matched control group receiving ice therapy alone.

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