NICE1 Cold Therapy

Healing shouldn’t be a hassle. Get precise cold therapy and programmable pneumatic compression in a single lightweight, user-friendly device.

Why NICE1?

NICE1 Cold Therapy

Focus on healing, not dealing with melting and replacing ice. NICE1 delivers cold therapy exactly where you need it without ice.

Get the benefit of two therapies in one device. NICE1 also provides programmable pneumatic compression to help reduce swelling and reduce recovery time.

Don’t worry about using a heavy, awkward shaped device to heal faster. NICE1 is lightweight (9lbs) and compact (8x8x8 inches) without sacrificing functionality.

Cutting-edge technology puts you in control. NICE1 features an easy to use touch screen interface.

NICE1 Cold Compression Therapy System Quick Start Guide

Take a closer look at how to set up your NICE1 system, complete with visuals and step-by-step instructions.

Cold Therapy Wrap Guides

Need insight into how to safely pack and store your NICE1 Cold Therapy Wrap? Want to ensure you’re wearing a wrap correctly? Review our instructional videos.

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